Man Up: Why Fathers Shouldn’t Change Diapers


So today I came across a video entitled “Why Fathers Shouldn’t Change Diapers” with a bunch of fathers (over)reacting to their kids dirty diapers. While I’m sure that the father’s were hamming it up for the camera, it drove home something I’ve heard over and over again from friends: “I can’t believe you change diapers!”

My question for them is: “Why would it be okay for a father NOT to change their kid’s dirty diaper?” Is it considered a “woman’s job”, “not manly”?

I think that is crap and if you are able to be a part in making a kid then you should be equally responsible to care for that kid, including cleaning up its shit filled diaper.

Watch this video for your entertainment, but I hope you will learn that you will Man Up and changing your kid’s diaper!

Then visit this article to learn how to Change Diapers Like a Pro!


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Father of an adopted daughter living in NY State and writing about my experiences of being a father.

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