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Dads – do you want to look like a rockstar and have your kid eating healthy foods every day? Making baby food is an easy way to know that your child is eating healthy foods instead unnecessary additives and chemicals.

When we were beginning to start feeding our daughter purees there were reports of mold in pre-made food pouches which got me very worried! These were very trusted brands of organic food pouches and MOLD was found in them!

So instead buying purees I decided to try out making our own baby food. Not only is it more affordable, but we feel it is better for our child as we know exactly what ingredients are going into the food. It is also fun!

Organic fruits & veggies are usually pretty easily found these days and if you are making your own food, it is still less expensive than the jars or pouches. We stock up on organic veggies and fruits (fresh and frozen) at Trader Joes when near one.

I try to make food once a week. It might take an hour to make 3-4 different foods but you will have food for the entire week and will save a lot of time during the week!

The food can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days and in the freezer for a couple of months. I usually keep two days of meals in the fridge at any given time, pulling them out of the freezer a day in advance so the food will defrost in the fridge.

The video I made shows how to make green pea puree. If you do not have a food processor or blender you can use a potato masher or spoon. Just add liquid until you have the right consistency!

You can use the same process to make purees of most veggies. Sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, green beans – all work great!

Be sure not to add any salt or sugar to the purees! They are not needed and can actually be too much for your baby to process.


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