Relief for Teething Babies & Their Parents!


Relief for Teething Babies (& Their Parents)!

My daughter is teething – the first two bottom teeth popped through earlier this week. It is so hard to watch your child go through such a painful experience, so you want to be armed with everything possible to help them out!

We have tried many things to help Ella have some relief from teething.

General Tips

Here are a few things we have done for Ella that work. We alternate them as sometimes she isn’t receptive to something that she was earlier, so it can’t hurt to have an arsenal at your dispense!

Frozen Wash Cloth: Everyone has probably heard about freezing a damp wash cloth. What you might not have thought of is soaking it in camomile tea before freezing it as it can have a soothing effect and help relieve pain.

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder: We love our Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder. We have a bunch of apple slices in the freezer and when Ella starts drooling and grabbing her ears we grab a slice, put it in the Munchkin and she chows down on it! She likes this better than the frozen wash cloth, because come on – who wouldn’t want to munch on an apple while relieving your sore gums??

Ella chewing away on her frozen apple!

Teething Toys: We have so many it is hard to keep track. Ella hasn’t really gone for the ones that you freeze, which is odd since she loves the frozen apple trick, but she loves the vanilla flavored Sophie The Giraffe, as well as the original Sophie. She also have a banana toothbrush/teether that she loves. Here is a picture of a few of them teething toys she likes!


Teething Toys

Amber necklaces: Ella wears an Amber Necklace 24/7 except when getting a bath. While we can’t prove that this works, we do feel that it has helped to relieve her pain as her teething hasn’t been unbearable! They say that the lighter colored necklaces work better and makes sure you get it from a reputable source. These are not for chewing – and look for a necklace that has a knot between the beads in case they break. Besides the possible health benefits, the necklace looks really cute!

Hyland Teething Tablets: We use the teething tablets in the evening if Ella is fussy. Three tablets and she usually quiets down pretty quickly!

Tylenol/Pain Reliever: If Ella is running a low fever I will give her a dose of pain reliever. Please check with your doctor about dosage and what is safe for your child to get!

People have recommended cold carrots and celery, but we haven’t tried these.


Last week when she has having a fussy night I googled relief for teething babies I found a few useful accupressure tips on that I thought I would share! If you have any handy, you might want to add a little lavender oil when doing the accupressure as it can help calm your baby down and help them relax.

Hand Pressure Points

I found this pressure point very useful! When Ella gets fussy and I can tell she is in pain from teething my first step is to gently press on the palm of her hand near her thumb and rub up her thumb for 30 seconds. This article says 10 seconds, but Ella loves it so why not do a little more! If I have it handy I will use a little bit of lotion on her palm so I can have a gentle flow motion up her hand.

Accupressure point for teething. Image from Tripi's baby tips and tricks

Accupressure point for teething

Image & Tip from Tripi’s Baby Tips and Tricks. Click to view original article!

Foot Accupressure Point

Someone sent this to me and I can not find the origin of the post to credit it (if you know please let me know so I can credit it appropriately!).  Again I apply a little bit of lotion and gently rub her feet. It makes her feel better and a massage is always great as it bonds you with your child and comforts them!

Accupressure points for teething on feet

What tips do you have on how you survived your child’s teething? Share your tips on our Forum!

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