The idea of Daddy SOS was started after I became a father with 21 hours notice! My husband and I had been going through the process of adopting a child for almost two years with several placements that fell through, so with each disappointment we put off taking parenting classes.

So on August 6th we received a call that the birthmother had signed surrender papers and we that we should be at our agency’s Long Island office the next day with a car seat and we would be bringing home our daughter 21 hours later!

We arrived, met our daughter, then reality hit. How do we change a diaper? What formula does she eat? What kind of bottle should we use? We literally had the interim caretaker walk us through these things in about 15 minutes, the agency wished us well, and we found ourselves walking to our car with a six week old baby girl!

The interim caretaker saved us that day, but she LIED – LIED I said! She told us Ella pooped once a day and she had already gone that day. Well, on the FOURTH poopy diaper change that evening we were a little freaked out! Luckily we had other parents that we could call, but this started me looking around for online resources and communities for fathers. I didn’t really see much that I related to – more blogs with one person’s experience, so I thought I would start Daddy SOS as an online community for fathers.

I hope that you will share this site with your friends, join the conversation on our Discussion Board, and share interesting articles that you feel would help other fathers!

Thanks – and looking forward to growing our community!